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Shrinkage - Damage ? Blind & Drapery Cleaning Concerns

When it comes to the care and cleaning of their window treatments there can be some anxiety associated with the process - especially if you don't know much about their fabrics or construction.  Briefly we'll touch on a few of the things a knowledgeable professional blind or drapery cleaner should discuss when a cleaning project is pending.

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Can my blinds be safely cleaned?

Honeycomb Shade Before After Cleaning ContrastIf you realize that "just vacuuming" or "just dabbing with a mild soap solution" isn't really a complete answer to how one may safely deep clean their custom blinds or shades, we can help.  There are safe ways to clean custom window treatments using a variety of methods.  Briefly we'll outline some basic information to get help get you started and hopefully avoid an expensive disaster!

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Common Customer Questions & Answers

Dear Potential Customer,
You have accessed this site because you are interested in one of two things. Either you want to know a little bit more about the cleaning and maintenance of those expensive window treatments you are planning to purchase; or you are wanting to have those expensive window treatments you purchased a few years ago cleaned.

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A 'Do-It-Yourself' Blind Cleaning Adventure

My name is Margaret Applegate, before retiring, I owned and operated a blind and drapery cleaning business for 12 years.  My story may explain to you some of the problems with do-it-yourself blind cleaning.  It is my hope that should you decide to clean your own blinds, this information will help you avoid some of the problems I encountered.  This is a true story.  There was no need for embellishment.

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